Managed Security Services

Every organization has a unique configuration of system and network infrastructure, consisting of file servers, databases, commerce servers, web servers, e-mail servers, etc.

No single out-of-the-box solution is sufficient when it comes to securing your valuable information. Whether you need someone to manage your firewall, provide data backup, keep a watch out for intruders, or just to have somebody to call when you need help, Secure SMB will protect your information and reduce your risk.

Our managed security services let you take advantage of the latest in information security technologies and processes without the high cost of implementing and supporting your own infrastructure. Add to that the costs of providing trained qualified personnel to ensure the security of the design and installation, and then the ongoing testing and verification of the system against new threats.

Secure SMB manages your secure needs, freeing up your resources to meet your business objectives.

Remote Monitoring Services

SECURE SMB helps you achieve your business objectives